International Pronoun Day.

It has become clear that Diversity and Inclusion is now an integral part of how a business operates.


Here at Twenty7Tec, we have a commitment to ensuring it is something that our ever growing workforce is aware of, and can ensure our place of work is that of a diverse and equal feel. From our CEO, James Tucker, to some of our newest recruits, we all have a part to play in championing this.

We like to ask ourselves a question: Can I be authentic and bring my whole true self to work? We want to create an environment where our people feel safe, respected, and able to be themselves. We understand creating this environment will help us retain and attract talent, spark creativity, and increase productivity.

It is all well and good talking about why we care about diversity, but the important part is putting that into action. We have full confidence our team is behind our diversity and inclusion goals. We now have Together@Twenty7Tec, which is a place for anyone within the business who wants to champion diversity and inclusion within the business.


Here at Twenty7Tec, we are committed to being inclusive – priding ourselves as diverse and empowering of all individuals. International Pronouns Day (20th October 2021) seeks to educate, allow people to respect, and share about personal pronouns. As a company, we are focusing on different topics within Diversity & Inclusion, with this month looking at gender and the importance of pronouns.

Across the business, we are now offering training on the subject, to allow anyone who may not have been as aware as others, to gain knowledge and become aware of the importance of it within a business and a team. We have produced documents and presentations which go into more detail with things like pronouns, along with examples of how to use them. It is always useful to have resources to refer to if anyone is unsure, also this would become an important part of our induction with new starters.


This week, to mark International Pronouns Day, two representatives from Virgin Money have kindly offered diversity training to our whole business, to discuss the importance of this in the workplace.



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