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MortgageApply enables the seamless transfer of mortgage application data and documents from Intermediary to Lender systems, eliminating re-keying, maximising quality of submission, and driving efficiency in process for both Intermediaries and Lenders.

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Enabling intermediary and lender integration will reduce duplication and re-keying, whilst also improving accuracy and quality of packaging. We are fully supportive of this initiative from Twenty7Tec
Jeremy Duncombe - Director, L&G Mortgage Club

As a network, and long-term partner of Twenty7Tec, we're delighted to work closely with a partner that has the vision, and the technical ability, to deliver this to our members
Christopher Tanner - CEO, Homeloan Partnership

I am encouraged by Twenty7Tec’s recent launch of Mortgage Apply, a generic lender portal that should save mortgage advisers a huge amount of time
David Copland - Director of Member Services, LSL