The very first Blended Sourcing system

In depth
criteria level sourcing

Residential, BTL, Secured
Loans, Later life and
Equity Release all in
one system

Cloud based and
device agnostic

Using up to 400 pieces of criteria per product

MortgageSource is a modern sourcing system, for the modern world. Built to be different, but with all the lenders, packagers, clubs and products you would expect, combined with detailed product criteria and intelligent research logic. MortgageSource is designed to provide you and your client with the right product, first time. Available either as a standalone platform or as an integrated solution via one of our many CRM partners

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This decision to integrate MortgageSource with Toolbox, our own CRM system, will be a great step forward for members wanting a straight-through solution which seamlessly transfers and stores data
David Carrington - Marketing Director, PTFS

It was clear from the beginning that Twenty7Tec was the right partner for us. A modern world requires modern mortgage sourcing. Using lenders criteria and intelligent filters, MortgageSource will result in our advisers spending less time searching for products and more time providing quality advice. Twenty7Tec's API driven attitude is the clearly the future of our industry and Alexander Hall intend to be at the forefront of this industry evolution
Dominic Scott - Director, Alexander Hall