Skipton Building Society to integrate with APPLY.

Skipton Building Society to integrate with APPLY.  


Leading mortgage technology provider, Twenty7Tec, today announces that it is signed an agreement with Skipton Building Society that will support the seamless  integration of TwentyTec’s APPLY module with Skipton’s origination platform.  

APPLY powered by CloudTwenty7 seamlessly and securely connects lender  origination platforms to intermediary CRM systems via a range of sophisticated  API’s. APPLY streamlines the application submission process by acting as the  single point of transmission for all data and documents relating to the application. 

Users of APPLY are able to submit either decisions in principle or full mortgage  applications to any lender connected to the APPLY system, as well as upload  documents and case notes, pay fees, and receive case tracking updates all the way  through to completion.  

Both parties are working on the integration at present with a targeted roll out  planned in Q1 2021. Twenty7Tec will be the first third party to integrate with  Skipton. 

James Tucker, CEO of Twenty7Tec, noted “Through our work with Skipton, we  have been deeply impressed by the extent to which they understand how  important investments in technology are in order to best support the  intermediary market. This full end to end integration will make the process of  searching, applying for and obtaining a mortgage from Skipton Building Society,  simpler, faster and more efficient”.  

Alex Beavis, Head of Mortgages at Skipton Building Society, added “At Skipton, we  believe it’s vital to continue to invest in technology to enable us to continually  evolve our customer and broker experience at every touch point. This investment  in new technology with Twenty7Tec highlights just that, it will enable us to  improve the whole experience, by not only speeding up the application process  but by supporting our broker partners too, making the whole process simpler and  more efficient for all parties“ 


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Twenty7Tec’s CloudTwenty7 platform is designed to make the process of searching,  applying for and obtaining a mortgage simpler, faster and more efficient. The platform is  used by all participants in the mortgage market, from lenders to mortgage advisers, to  comparison sites and even end customers.



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