Tech firms partner to assist businesses with remote working.

Uinsure, supported by eKeeper group, 360dotnet, Twenty7Tech and Iress have partnered together in order to provide support for businesses struggling with remote working.

The firms will also assist with the businesses online presence.

According to the technology firms, the fundamentals they will provide support on are Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, CampaignMonitor, MailChimp, Linkedin, and Twitter.

The announcement comes as a response to a large part of the nation working from home amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

David Smith, chief innovation officer at Uinsure, said: “We’ve decided, as we should all do in a time of crisis, to work together and offer complimentary tech support where we can.

“It’s really important that when we are in the midst of issues with a global impact, we all pull together for the common good, ensuring that we can continue to operate and run our business’s with minimal disruption, while looking after our health and everyone else’s as a priority.

“As tech businesses, we are offering not just free training on our own digital products, but others too, that are vital in continuing your business.”

David Bennet, commercial director at eKeeper Group added: “Those in the intermediary technology sector have a duty to support brokers during these difficult and uncertain times.

“Technology has always been there to enable brokers to continue their day- to-day activities and support their client bank, but now more than ever.

“By actively supporting brokers on all technology to operate remotely, we make sure they can evolve to meet the demands and challenges for the industry today and the future.”



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