Managing Your Time (and Managing You)

Managing Your Time (and Managing You)

In this second interview with Lucy Whittington she discusses:-

Planning and communicating how you’re working – and why that’s important.

Who you are and how that makes a difference to how you work.

Working from home and what that means to you.

Being flexible and finding focus.

About Lucy Whittington:-

Lucy’s a marketer by trade, but likes to get stuck into sales and business strategy, too. With more than 25 years of experience (15 of those running her own consultancy), her experience spans start-ups to plcs. Her MBA and business book habit means she’s never just thinking about marketing on its own.

With a background in both software and small business, Lucy loves getting stuck into Marketing strategy with a wider approach of how this is going to help a business work better and grow.

She can’t code but has spent a lot of her working life surrounded by people who can, and her experience in software marketing includes being part of the original Xero launch team as 2nd hire in the UK. She remembers when Google was in beta and also when software came in boxes (as she had to write the words that went on the outside of them!). More recently, she’s been co-founder of two tech start-ups, and has worked on feasibility studies and marketing audits and go to market plans for other tech businesses.

Lucy is the author of 2 business books, including ‘Find Your Thing’ – a guide to working out what you do best, owning it and getting known for it (Capstone Wiley). And if we’re doing PR namechecks, she’s been featured on/in The Guardian, BBC, VirginRadio, The Sun, Red magazine, SkyNews and spoken at many high profile business events.

She’s a mum to 2 humans and 2 cats. Lucy lives on the south coast of England and gets nervous when she’s away from the seaside for too long. When she’s not walking or bootcamp-ing on the beach, she’s a big bookworm, loves to hide at the cinema and spends a considerable amount of time planning holidays (and not always her own!). And if you want to get her attention, bring dark chocolate.

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