Blogs 14.08.23

Our weekly update on the best rate w/c 14.7.23

Mortgage deal rates dip slightly: Twenty7tec weekly update on best rates

We have continued to see steady numbers with some dips in initial rates from the top ten lenders for set persona. 

We found:

The married couple 

A married couple, aged 42 and 44, with 2 children buying a £525k house. £385k mortgage, 15-year term, LTV 73.33%, earnings of £85k and £57k


2 year fixed 

Best price remains at £3032.39 with Monmouthshire BS.

Average of the top ten lenders drops slightly from £3210.47 to £3205.42.


5 year fixed 

Best price is steady at £3088.72, whilst the average decreases from £3108.63 to £3101.77.

The London professionals

A married couple, aged 45 and 48 with 3 kids. £1m house. £500k mortgage, 15-year term, LTV 50%, both earn £85k each 



The best initial rate is a two-year fixed at £4101.56, the same as last week and the week before.

The average of top ten lenders’ initial rates drops by 0.19% from £4181.98 to £4173.71.


Best initial rate sticks at a two-year fixed at £4101.56.

The average of the top 10 lenders’ initial rates remains at last week’s £4142.80.

First Time Buyers 

An unmarried couple, aged 29 and 28, no children, buying a £525k house with a £50k deposit from the BOMAD, 25-year term, LTV 90.48%. One earns £85k, the other earns £57k


Best initial rate drops by 1.13% from £3063.85 to £3029.15 for a 64-month fixed-fee mortgage with Halifax. The next best deal is also with Halifax for a 62-month fixed fee at £3054.63.

The average of the initial open rates from the top ten lenders is down by 1.13% from £3104.84 to £3066.58.


2 year fixed 

For a two-year fixed mortgage, the best rate is with Halifax at £3202.09 from last week’s rate with Skipton at £3274.27.  The average of the two-year fixed fee offers for first-time buyers is up 1.7% to £3255.08 from £3311.83.

5 year fixed

When it comes to a five-year fixed mortgage, the best offer is with Halifax at £3029.15, the same as the previous week. With the average of the top ten lenders remaining steady at £3066.59.


James Tucker, CEO of Twentytec says: 

“We’re still seeing whispers of rates decreasing for some, with a slight increase in the average of rates offered in the two-year-fixed free region for first-time buyers. Will this be a sign of things to come? We’ll crunch the numbers and let you know.

“Next week, we’re adding even more personae to our weekly report to give a broader sense of the market.”