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Persona Release w/c 26.2.24

Best mortgage offers for UK house buyers from Twenty7tec

This week rates are on the rise for house buyers across the UK, the latest persona data below shows the best offers from the top ten lenders.


The married couple 

A married couple, aged 42 and 44, with two kids buying a £525k house. £385k mortgage, 15-year term, LTV 73.33%, earnings of £85k and £57k


2 year fixed 

Barclays Bank takes the top spot with the best offer at £2,932.42.

The average of the top ten lenders this week is £2952.20, up 0.75% from last week.


5 year fixed 

Nationwide knocks HSBC from top place with a best offer of £2897.89.

The average of the top ten lenders rises to £2906.78 from last week’s £2881.50.


The London professionals

A married couple, aged 45 and 48 with three kids. £1m house. £500k mortgage, 15-year term, LTV 50%, both earn £85k each



Best rate is now with Barclays Bank at £2801.20.

The average of top ten lenders is up 1.15% to £3823.23 from £3779.70 last week.



Skipton is still in the lead but with a new rate of £3581.17 from last week’s £3541.35.

The average of the top ten lenders is now at £3754.86 up from last week’s £3715.37.


First-time buyers

An unmarried couple, aged 29 and 28, no kids, buying a £525k house with a £50k deposit from the BOMAD, 25-year term, LTV 90.48%. One earns £85k, the other earns £57k

Halifax knocks Skipton from first place, and offers the best rate of £2760.50 for a 64 month mortgage.

The average now stands at £2773.07 down 0.6% from last week’s £2790.15.

For a 2-year fixed-term mortgage, the best deal is also with Halifax at £2824.40.

Best 5-year rate is with Halifax at £2760.50.


A couple in their twenties

An unmarried couple, aged 28 and 29, on £38k and £32k, who have one child looking to buy a house £170k with a £20k deposit.

AIB is in the lead with an offer at £834.60 from last week’s offer with HSBC at £837.79.

For a couple in their twenties, the new average of the mortgage rates is £842.80 up 0.46% from last week.

Single person

Single person with no children after a £190k home with a £60k deposit.

AIB remains in the lead with the best offer at £634.96.

Average of top ten lenders sits at £642.89 up from £635.842