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Persona Report W/C 8.4.24

No change in offers from top ten UK mortgage lenders

It’s another steady week from the top ten mortgage lenders, who’s rates for UK house buyers remain steady.


The married couple 

A married couple, aged 42 and 44, with two kids buying a £525k house. £385k mortgage, 15-year term, LTV 73.33%, earnings of £85k and £57k


2 year fixed 

No change once again for the best offer, which still stands with AIB at a rate of £2945.22. And no change from the average of top ten lenders which stays at £2969, same as last week.


5 year fixed 

Nationwide BS sticks at number one for a 5-year fixed mortgage, with an offer of £2927.26.

The average of the top ten lenders remains at £2931.53.


The London professionals

A married couple, aged 45 and 48 with three kids. £1m house. £500k mortgage, 15-year term, LTV 50%, both earn £85k each



Barclay’s offers the best price once again at £3839.53. The average of the top ten lenders stays at £3863.15.



Best offer stays with Skipton at £3581.17. The average of the top ten lenders doesn’t budge and is still at £3777.44, same as last week. 


First-time buyers

An unmarried couple, aged 29 and 28, no kids, buying a £525k house with a £50k deposit from the BOMAD, 25-year term, LTV 90.48%. One earns £85k, the other earns £57k

Nationwide keeps the for the best offer with its rate of £2807.75. The average mortgage rate for first-time buyers stays at £2818.70, same as last week and the week before.

Nationwide is still the top provider for a five-year fixed rate mortgage at £2807.75.


Couple in their twenties

An unmarried couple, aged 28 and 29, on £38k and £32k, who have one child looking to buy a house for £170k with a £20k deposit.

Progressive BS still has the best deal for a couple in their twenties at the same rate of £838.01. No change in the average from the top ten lenders, which is steady at £850.89, same as last week.


Single person

Single person with no children after a £190k home with a £60k deposit.

AIB remains in the lead for two months now with an offer of £634.96 and the average of the top ten lenders’ rates this week is the same as last at £648.30.