Blogs 06.03.24

Twenty7tec Together
Champions Podcast

Boomer to Zoomer

“You can’t spend your money twice. You can only spend it once.”

From the changing financial challenges younger generations are facing to parenting in the digital age, this episode of our Together Champions Podcast features Fran, Maria, Stuart, and Callum discussing generational differences in the workplace and at home. Their conversation touches on various aspects of modern life, from the challenges of buying a house to the complexities of social dynamics and technology. 

In exploring generational perceptions in the workplace and towards societal changes, a recurring theme emerges in the shifting dynamics between different generations. Stuart poses the question, “Do you think your older generations are as accepting and tolerant at having to find a middle ground as much as Gen Z?” 

We discuss how all generations are learning to be more accepting. Now, in schools, children are taught to question the syllabus, religion and personal values, something punished in previous generations. 

This acknowledgement suggests a shared understanding of the need for adaptability and compromise across all generations. In essence, our conversation sheds light on the intergenerational dialogue shaping the modern workplace and society at large, where each generation contributes to the collective evolution of attitudes and behaviours.

Listen as we discuss the generational evolution of thought, exploring how each generation contributed to changes in societal norms and handled the inevitable stresses that come from living in a modern digital age. 


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