APPLY enables advisers to seamlessly and securely submit mortgage applications to connected lenders.

What does APPLY do?

  • Advisers can submit either decisions in principle or full mortgage applications to any lender connected to APPLY.
  • APPLY enables advisers to securely send supporting documentation to the lender, such as client bank statements and proof of identity.
  • Via APPLY, the lender will provide a decision on the application back to the adviser and provides updates of the status of the application through to completion.

Key Benefits

  • APPLY streamlines the submission process by acting as the single point of transmission for all data and documentation relating to a mortgage application.
  • When integrated with an advisers CRM system, APPLY significantly reduces the need to re-key data as part of the application process, increasing accuracy and reducing time spent on data entry.
  • APPLY supports a consistent user journey for mortgage applications eliminating the need for advisers to learn other systems.
  • Through the provision of case updates, APPLY gives advisers a single view of the progress of all mortgage applications submitted for their clients via APPLY.
  • APPLY supports adviser administrators in submitting applications on behalf of their advisers, providing a full record of all actions taken during the processing of the case by both advisers and their support staff.

INSIGHT uses a range of sophisticated data analytics tools to support detailed analysis of trends in mortgage product demand and performance.

What does INSIGHT do?

  • INSIGHT records and reports on every search conducted by advisers in SOURCE.
  • Using this search data, INSIGHT enables lenders to identify key market trends, acting as a barometer of overall mortgage market performance.
  • Lenders can also use INSIGHT to track individual product performance and compare this against competitors.

Key Benefits

  • INSIGHT enables lenders to analyse in real-time, key demand trends within the UK mortgage market
  • With a clear understanding of demand, INSIGHT supports lenders in positioning their current mortgage product range to help maximise lending volumes.
  • By tracking competitor activity within INSIGHT, lenders can better understand the impact on their own business.
  • Lenders can use INSIGHT to perform predictive modelling for new product launches, based upon an extrapolation of current demand trends.
  • Data from INSIGHT can be exported and combined with other third-party data sources, providing lenders with a single view of the market.

Advertising with Twenty7tec enables you to deliver key product and brand messages to the 17,000 advisers who use our platform on a daily basis.

What does ADVERTISING with Twenty7tec do?

  • Displays targeted banner adverts in any of our platforms to all users.
  • Lenders can build advertising packages across a variety of different banner spaces and functionality, across all different parts of the Twenty7tec product range.
  • Sophisticated reporting enables advertisers to analyse the success of their campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • Increase your brand awareness across wealth, mortgage and protection markets.
  • Deliver specific marketing messages, such as new product launches, to the widest possible adviser community, including some of the biggest names in wealth and mortgages.
  • 3 million page views per month across 17,000 adviser users, ensuring maximum visibility for all advertising campaigns.
  • Simple to schedule, book and deliver campaigns, requiring minimum effort on the part of advertisers.
  • Recieve reporting that enables you to assess both the reach and success of your advertising campaigns.
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COMMUNICATE is a digital marketing platform that helps advice businesses drive inbound leads, as well as manage outbound communication to both existing customers and prospects, across multiple communication channels.

What does COMMUNICATE do?

  • COMMUNICATE provides an array of lead-generation tools that can be embedded into websites, social media and other inbound communication channels.
  • Outbound campaigns to both existing customers and prospects can be designed, automated and delivered from within COMMUNICATE via email, WhatsApp, SMS, telephone and social media channels.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is built into COMMUNICATE to triage both inbound activities from lead generation tools and outbound marketing, providing conversational information before re-directing to an advisor.

Key Benefits

  • Inbound lead generation tools powered by COMMUNICATE support early digital engagement, helping to enhance conversion rates from leads to prospects.
  • COMMUNICATE supports outbound campaigns across an array of channels, meaning advice businesses can deliver the right message via the right medium, at the right time.
  • Message templates are built into COMMUNICATE so advice firms can utilise these without needing to commit time and effort to create templates from scratch.
  • Contact strategies can be automated based on client circumstances i.e. COMMUNICATE can automatically contact clients with fixed mortgage rates expiring, or at the start of the new tax year for ISA investment, and prompt them to engage with their adviser.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) delivered as part of COMMUNICATE will qualify, triage and direct prospects/customers as part of the advice process, maximising ROI for advisers from each client contact.
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MAGNUM enables lenders to upload, maintain and distribute their mortgage, second charge and bridging product range via SOURCE, a sophisticated online search engine for secured lending products.

What does MAGNUM do?

  • MAGNUM stores up to 700 pieces of product information per product, enabling lenders to provide advisers with a full view of all relevant product information when considering their client recommendations.
  • Lenders can update their product range on MAGNUM with the support of the Twenty7tec data team, with update formats supported including spreadsheet, PDF and email.
  • SOURCE then displays all of the product data stored in MAGNUM to advisers as part of their research process.

Key Benefits

  • Product data stored in MAGNUM is displayed via SOURCE to up to 17,000 advisers daily, ensuring lenders reach the widest possible audience with their product range.
  • The Twenty7tec data team work with lenders to maintain the product data stored in MAGNUM, ensuring it is always up to date.
  • By providing product updates in excel format, MAGNUM can support the automatic update of product information without the need for manual intervention, ensuring timeliness and accuracy of information.
  • By providing the deepest possible set of product information, lenders can help advisers find the right product for their clients the first time around.
  • Product data stored in MAGNUM is also tracked via INSIGHT, enabling lenders to identify trends in product information changes across the whole market.


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