FINPLAN Wealth is our practice management and CRM solution for financial advisers, providing a comprehensive platform for the provision of financial advice for all product types.

What does FINPLAN Wealth do?

  • FINPLAN Wealth provides a customisable workflow that allows tailored fact-find screens to be configured within the system for each advice process, enabling a firm to build a unique fact-find regardless of product type.
  • With third-party integrations covering all aspects of the advice process, from income and valuation matching to cashflow and ATR tools, FINPLAN Wealth supports advisers in delivering both appropriate advice and accurate information to clients.
  • FINPLAN Wealth has at its heart our unique income-matching capability, enabling access to accurate and up-to-the-minute management information, RMAR reporting and tracking of financial KPIs.

Key Benefits

  • By providing fully customisable workflows, advice businesses can configure FINPLAN Wealth to match the process they follow when delivering advice.
  • Accurate fact-find records linked to advice outcomes are stored in FINPLAN Wealth, enabling you to evidence and target better client outcomes to meet your obligations under Consumer Duty.
  • The unique income matching capability in FINPLAN Wealth supports advice businesses in better managing company finances whilst simultaneously reducing overheads.
  • The new FINPLAN Wealth client portal delivers a unique client onboarding process, as well as an array of tools and data to keep clients engaged.
  • Users are able to suggest and vote on new enhancements to FINPLAN Wealth, with a commitment to the best ideas being delivered.

COMMUNICATE is a digital marketing platform that helps advice businesses drive inbound leads, as well as manage outbound communication to both existing customers and prospects, across multiple communication channels.

What does COMMUNICATE do?

  • COMMUNICATE provides an array of lead-generation tools that can be embedded into websites, social media and other inbound communication channels.
  • Outbound campaigns to both existing customers and prospects can be designed, automated and delivered from within COMMUNICATE via email, WhatsApp, SMS, telephone and social media channels.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is built into COMMUNICATE to triage both inbound activities from lead generation tools and outbound marketing, providing conversational information before re-directing to an advisor.

Key Benefits

  • Inbound lead generation tools powered by COMMUNICATE support early digital engagement, helping to enhance conversion rates from leads to prospects.
  • COMMUNICATE supports outbound campaigns across an array of channels, meaning advice businesses can deliver the right message via the right medium, at the right time.
  • Message templates are built into COMMUNICATE so advice firms can utilise these without needing to commit time and effort to create templates from scratch.
  • Contact strategies can be automated based on client circumstances i.e. COMMUNICATE can automatically contact clients with fixed mortgage rates expiring, or at the start of the new tax year for ISA investment, and prompt them to engage with their adviser.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) delivered as part of COMMUNICATE will qualify, triage and direct prospects/customers as part of the advice process, maximising ROI for advisers from each client contact.
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CONNECT is a next generation digital relationship management platform that will transform ongoing engagement and interaction between advisers and their clients.

What does CONNECT do?

  • Far more than simply a client portal, CONNECT acts as the digital gateway through which advisers and clients engage in meaningful communication to ensure that constant evaluation of financial plans are undertaken.
  • CONNECT uses Artificial Intelligence to interact with clients without direct adviser input, helping advisers gather all pertinent information about that individual - not just at the point of advice, but throughout the client lifecycle.
  • CONNECT also enables clients themselves to access helpful tools, data and up to date information about their financial circumstances, providing a constant source of digital evaluation that their plans remain on track - and prompting action with their adviser if not.

Key Benefits

  • Sleek, modern user interface that showcases an advice firms brand to clients.
  • Artificial Intelligence tools manage a large part of the interaction between adviser and client during information gathering stage of the advice process.
  • Client facing tools provided through CONNECT ensure clients are fully up to date on the performance of their financial plan versus expectations, but can also understand the consequences of changes to their financial circumstances without the need for direct adviser engagement.
  • Third party integrations provide clients with a range of data about their financial circumstances that advisers can themselves easily access with client consent.
  • Tightens the bond between adviser and client helping ensure that the adviser retains the primary advice relationship with their clients.


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