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Mortgage Market Report

March 2023 busiest month ever for mortgage searches.

4th April 2023

We can today announce our busiest-ever month on our mortgage sourcing platform.

March 2023 saw 1,852,718 mortgage searches by mortgage advisers, up 10.1% on the prior month and 6.1% higher than the previous record month – January 2023.


The prior six months of mortgage search data

2022-Oct 1,640,971  searches

2022-Nov 1,429,743 searches

2022-Dec 884,140 searches

2023-Jan 1,745,869 searches

2023-Feb 1,682,879 searches

2023-Mar 1,852,718 searches

James Tucker, founder and CEO of Twenty7tec says:

“The first three months of 2023 have been our busiest ever for total mortgage searches. In fact, this year, we have experienced eight of the top ten busiest months ever for total mortgage searches.

In total, over the past five years, we have handled over 61 million mortgage searches for mortgage and wealth advisers. It’s funny to think that the volume of mortgage searches that we have handled in the past three months would have taken around 15 months in 2017-18.

I’m incredibly proud that we’ve normalised the idea that an adviser can access the best deals for their customer at any hour of the day, 365 days a year.

We’re now bringing that always-on, total product knowledge approach to the wealth market and it’s incredibly exciting for any adviser looking to provide their customers with best advice. The progress we’ve made over the last five years on the mortgage side of our business is a sign of where we’ll be in wealth products in the medium term.”

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