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Leveraging Twenty7Tec’s integration first approach, CloudTwenty7 is a complete technology solution that underpins our CAPTURE, SOURCE, APPLY, and INSIGHT modular suite of applications.

CloudTwenty7 offers a range of applications and functions that are designed to make the process of searching, applying for and obtaining a mortgage simpler, faster and more efficient.

Our technology can be used by all participants in the mortgage market, from lenders to mortgage advisers, to comparison sites and even end customers.

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Twenty7 Capture
End clients who are provided access to CAPTURE by their mortgage adviser can enter data about their circumstances that will assist the adviser both sourcing and applying for a mortgage for that client.

The client can also securely upload documents which, alongside the customer data, transfer seamlessly into the relevant client record on the CloudTwenty7 platform. The adviser can also upload documents directly into CAPTURE for the client to access, such as the Initial Disclosure Document.

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Twenty7 Source

The CloudTwenty7 SOURCE platform is a configurable web based application that enables users to search across and compare mortgage, equity release, secured and bridging loan products. SOURCE can be seamlessly integrated via API into third party systems and direct to consumer websites. SOURCE analyses product, criteria and lender affordability in order to determine the most appropriate product recommendation, helping deliver right first time recommendations for applicants.

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Twenty7 Apply

Once a user of SOURCE has selected the appropriate product, data relating to the client, property and product moves seamlessly to APPLY and subsequently onto the appropriate lender for submission via API, whether selecting a decision in principle or full mortgage application, all data relating to the client, selected product, case tracking, case notes and documents are all retained within CloudTwenty7.

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Twenty7 Insight

All user activity within CloudTwenty7 is tracked by our INSIGHT application, and subsequently provided back for interrogation to intermediaries, lenders, funders, and government organisations. Insight uses a range of sophisticated data analytics to support detailed analysis of trends in mortgage demand and performance, as well as using AI driven tools to help predict future trends in lending.

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