Working life: now and next

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Working life: now and next

This week, we ran a survey on clients’ experiences of working from home, life in lockdown and what working life might be like next…

The overarching findings are that we are going to be working in a different environment where face to face becomes less relevant. Why would we go back to how we used to work when our respondents said they think that digital has made them more efficient during Covid?


Key findings

First, 71.7% of respondents believe that videoconferencing tools have improved communication andproductivity. This will be music to the ears of employers.

The number of respondents saying that they had predominantly used video calls during lockdown outnumbered those who said they had mainly used the phone two to one. The vast majority used a mixture of both videoconference and phone.

Next, 73.58% of employees see themselves attending fewer face to face meetings post-lockdown. The same percentage see themselves attending more virtual conferences.

Finally, over 50% said virtual events will be their preferred event type post-lockdown. But there’s nuance in this answer as two-thirds of respondents preferred live events to pre-recorded events. There’s something “real” that’s easier to engage with with a live video, it would seem.

How are you approaching the post-lockdown period? Have you made major adjustments to how your team works? We’re interested in hearing more about your plans and how you are and plan on supporting your teams.





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