Strengthening the connection between parents and children during lockdown.

Helen Prosper. Strengthening the connection between parents and children during lockdown.


Today’s video is about supporting the connection between parents and children particularly during this period of lockdown where the time together is a lot more intense and often parents are working at home, whilst trying to home study with one or more children.

Helen has worked with all ages from babies to elderly pensioners, and her mission is to bring back pure, simple, touch and human connection to society, wherever she might be –  whether in hospitals, hospices, therapy centres, schools, offices and/or training centres, her aim is to connect with, and to support the unique individual, in whatever way is most helpful to them, so that they ultimately reconnect with their inherent vitality and find a way of living and enjoying life to the full.

In this video she talks about calming methods for both parents and children, and how to cope when situations may get a little fraught at times.

She offers brilliant, practicle advice for making children feel secure and valued.



About Helen Prosper



Professional Health Qualifications

· Integrative Nutritional Health Coach

· Systemic counsellor

· NLP practitioner

· Massage therapist and instructor

· Therapeutic play specialist

· Reiki master

· Health and Wellbeing Cognitive Behavioural Coach

· Human Givens Trainee HG Dip.P

Certificates in :

· Emotional Eating Psychology Course IIN

· Stress management/Stress management in the Work place

· Mental health first aider

· How to Tell Stories that Heal – a masterclass in therapeutic storytelling

· Guided imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change

· How to lift depression – the practical skills you need

· Effective Pain Management – Psychological techniques for reducing persistent pain and accelerating healing

· Brief therapy for stopping addictions / self-harm– practical skills-based days

· The Mind-Body Connection: Exploring the relationships between emotions, exercise and eating

· How to Control Chronic Anxiety

· Anxiety and Learning How to boost students’ abilities

· Overcoming Self harm How to help


“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

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